{Photoshoot} Charity’s Bachelorette Party in Austin, TX

Mar 9th, 2015

Last weekend, I went to Austin, Texas for my friend’s bachelorette party and wow….what a wonderful and beautiful city! It was a very short trip however will definitely go back when I get the chance in the near future.

One of our stops during our trip was the Duchman Winery in Driftwood, TX (about 30 minutes outside of downtown Austin). The winery was absolutely stunning with the Tuscany-style décor and stone buildings and was super excited to do our mini-photoshoot. Despite the freezing cold and rainy weather, I managed to steal some decent shots. Thank you to the amazing ladies who had to strip off their winter coats in the 30 degree weather with wind chill of about 10 degrees for the shots! <3

IMG_5382 IMG_5384 IMG_5411 IMG_5436 IMG_5477  IMG_5497IMG_5498 IMG_5516 IMG_5523