{Travels} Asia Tour 2015: Hong Kong and Taiwan

Jun 9th, 2015

Stop #1 in our Asia tour: Hong Kong. My parents’ hometown. 🙂 Hong Kong is very dear to my heart and it’s not because my parents are from there but because of the yummy food!!! Mango pudding, mango mochi, mango pummelo with sago desserts…yup, I’m obsessed with mangoes. Oh, and I can’t forget the Hong Kong-style french toast or roasted goose. Makes me want to go back now…

Stop #2 in our Asia tour: Taiwan. This was our first time visiting this country and I must say…this country has the most friendliest and nicest people ever! Everyone in our traveling group had a great time at this stop. Maybe it was because of the dirt-cheap food and the night markets!

(Stop #3 was Japan…See my other post today about Japan!)

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