{Photoshoot} Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s!

Jun 25th, 2015

Last week, my twin and I turned the big 3-0. Crazy how time flies! We were trying to think of things to do for our birthday and of course, first thing that came to our minds was a photoshoot! We had the idea of coordinating outfits to represent each decade we were alive.

Decade #1: When we were young, we loved playing video games and one of the best gifts we got from our parents were those big thick Gameboys. Also, my parents always bought the same clothes but in different colors. So we thought it would be fun to wear the same outfit but in different colors and act like we were playing Gameboys (unfortunately we don’t have them anymore so we borrowed our guys’ DS instead).


Decade #2: This was an interesting decade…my twin and I experienced many things. We started working at the age of 14 at my parents’ restaurant, had 3 jobs at one time, went from a private school with only 100 students to a public school with over 4000 students (that was a total shock!), had our first puppy love, got in trouble with some cops,…and the list goes on. However, the best part of this decade was when we went to college!!! So for our second outfit, we wore our college jerseys to show our pride. 🙂 Go Knights!!!


Decade #3: Finally…started to know what we wanted to do in life. We wanted to be professionals in the business world. After graduation, we went into the corporate world and got ourselves big girl jobs. We got married and found ourselves great hubbies who love us for who we are. 🙂 Yep, we are big girls now…well, I guess we aren’t girls anymore but more like women. LOL For this decade, we thought about wearing more professional outfits like a suit but that’s just boring. So, we went for the sexy/trendy look instead to show what style we are into now!


Now…onto Decade #4. I wonder what is in store for us?